We've been given many signals that Terry Crews might be the voice actor for Doomfist. Terry Crew responded to a tweet about him working with Blizzard with just one word.

What Do We Exactly Know About Doomfist?

With all major outlets speculating on its origin and coming up with somewhat far-fetched theories, the legend of Doomfist never really died. At first a throw-away filler line, this persona soon became a major player within the world of "Overwatch". Some even call it the next upcoming hero!

The character's history is one of maybes, ifs, and buts. As time went by many tried to decipher the obscure trailers, hoping to find out more. A poster in Numbani, for instance, shows three different figures wielding the gauntlet. If that were to be the truth, Doomfist may be a tool rather than an actual living person. Just as the Helm of Domination makes someone the next Lich King, the gauntlet could turn mortal men to demi-gods.

Doomfist's 3D Model Has Long Been In The Game

If you take a moment to examine the payload in Numbani, you'll notice how the weapon has always been there. At least until a few months ago. The aforementioned poster shows it being passed down from generation to generation.

It is thus actually possible that Doomfist may be an upcoming hero. What we don't exactly know, is whether an existing character will wear it. Perhaps, a grown up Timmy could join the ranks of "Overwatch"?

The Doomfist and the guys wielding this somewhat mysterious weapon also make multiple appearances In The Game. Reaper will occasionally say how "he should do his own dirty work" while the gauntlet itself is part of Sombra's Origin Story.

Blizzard would have never spent so much time coming up with a credible background if they didn't intend to use it!

There was also a tweet - posted way back in December 2016 - mentioning Terry Crews' visit to the Blizzard Campus. We never got to know what the actor was called to do there, but it's likely his features would be used for an upcoming character.

No Official Words From The 'Overwatch' Team... Yet!

As with the majority of their content, the guys behind the game opted for total secrecy. Nothing specific, apart from tailored fragments of lore, was ever said about Doomfist. As such, we lack enough solid data to even begin thinking about its future. Whatever Blizzard is planning, they went above and beyond to keep their ideas under lock and key. Speculations and theories are all we're left with. The Doomfist will probably, one day, make it to the game. The creation of a balanced hero, though, could take months if not years!