Games developer Guerrilla Games has now released a brand new patch update for its highly popular action role-playing video game, 'Horizon: Zero Dawn'. The new patch looks like it is meant to give players something to do before the arrival of the game's highly awaited expansion pack called "Frozen Wilds."

Doing it over

One of the biggest features that will be coming with the new update, Patch 1.30, is the "New Game+" option. Similar to other new game plus modes, players will basically be able to go through the entire game once again from the start, only this time they will retain all of their character's progress and their full inventory, minus the quest items.

Players will also be capped at level 50. Players who were able to finish the game below level 50, will start the new game at the level they finished the game with. As an added bonus to give players something to spend their extra shards on, updated weapons and outfits will become available along with an extra modification spot.

Harder than ever

Players who may have found their first play through lacking in difficulty can now take advantage of the update's new "Ultra Hard" mode. Selecting this new difficulty level will basically have all the mechanized creatures on steroids. Their health will no longer be shown. All enemies will be dealing more damage and their awareness, and sensitivity levels will be greatly increased.

This means that it will be more difficult to sneak up on the robots than normal.

To make thing seven more challenging, health regeneration has also been limited. It has to be noted that selecting the new difficulty level will lock the current game at that level and players will not be able to turn it back down.

Other add-ons

To give players more things to focus on, the upcoming update will be coming with new Trophies for players to achieve. Meticulous players will likely find it hard to ignore the new trophies, which means that the add-ons may translate to countless hours of gameplay. For those who are more into making Aloy look even better, the update includes a number of new customization options for the character, which includes new face paint designs.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' was officially the best-selling title for an original property on the PlayStation 4 during its launch. So far, the game has sold more than 3.4 million copies worldwide. It is only understandable that Guerrilla Games will immediately follow it up with a new expansion, which is scheduled to arrive later in the year.