If you are a "Pokemon Go" player, you know that the Legendary Pokemon have not arrived yet in the game. However, Niantic planned to launch them at the "Pokemon Go Fest" in the city of Chicago, where the event was held on July 22. The highly awaited event was dedicated to the first anniversary of the app, although it was a complete failure for technical reasons according to the organizers say.

But, what happened at the festival? The "Pokemon Go Fest" was organized by Niantic's developers with the idea of launching the Legendary Pokemon. While it is true that it took them a lot of time to prepare for it, most of the "Pokemon Go" users who traveled miles and miles have been thoroughly disappointed with the "Pokemon Go" app anniversary event.

According to reports, thousands and thousands of people came to Grant Park to attend the event and catch these Legendary Monsters but found the trip uneventful.

What really happened at the Pokemon Go Fest?

From one point of view, the stage was tremendous, and the festival seemed to be wonderful. However, some technical flaws began to appear, and users could not access the game. According to reports from people who attended the event said that it was complicated to get involved with the match, so much so that Niantic's CEO had to come out and apologize for the technical failures they experienced. No one could connect and find the Legendary Creatures that the Company had promised. Also, apparently they struggled all day trying to solve the problem, but they could not.

This is where people started to complain.

Additional information

The streaming of the event was also interrupted.Niantic gave away $100 in "Pokemon Go" coins and the return of the $20 entry fee to all the people who attended. At the moment, we are not clear what spoiled the event itself and we also do not know what will happen to the Legendary Pokemon.

Although they should already be reaching users, we are waiting for the company to announce an official statement about that embarrassing moment.

In addition, we deduce one thing that may or may not be true: telephone companies might struggle to offer enough capacity for so many people accessing the game at once. It is simply one of our theories while another may be that Niantic servers failed by the higher demand of players trying to get access at the same time to catch a legendary Pokémon.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.