Atlus has recently announced thePersona 5” anime which will air sometime next year, according to Twinfinite. While they haven’t shared any further details about it, they did release a short artistic trailer that includes some of the pictures from the game’s official art book. With this in mind, it seems like the anime might closely follow the game’s plot just like the “Persona 4” animation back in 2011. If they plan to stay true to the source, here are some major scenes from “Persona 5” we’d like to see included in the upcoming anime. Keep in mind that there will be spoilers ahead, so read at your own discretion.

Hawaii Vacation

At a certain point in “Persona 5,” the protagonist and his friends take a school trip outside the country to Hawaii. Here, they just take a moment to unwind and enjoy the sights after facing the cyber threat, Medjed. While there isn't anything too plot-relevant here, it’s a great way to learn more about the Phantom Thieves when they’re not busy trying to save Japan. During the trip, the protagonist also gets the choice to spend some personal time with a special lady at the beach. Overall, the Hawaii school vacation would be perfect in the anime as a “summer beach” episode.

Fight with Caroline and Justine

Just like the previous “Persona” games, the protagonist has the choice of fighting the Velvet Room assistant(s) if they meet certain prerequisites.

For the fifth installment, you get to battle against both Caroline and Justine who grow increasingly powerful during the fight as you whittle away at their health. It would only be fitting for the anime to include such an epic fight, although the show would have to make a few changes as to when it would take place. Since the two are optional bosses, the battle will have to find a way to tie into the main plot.

Epic Awakening Scenes

One of the major highlights in the fifth game was when each character would awaken to their power. These scenes usually occur when a character would finally oppose those who were bringing them down, eventually leading to the iconic mask pulling scene. This is a critical moment during character development as we finally see them “breaking out of their shells and becoming true to themselves - not to mention that this is also the first time we get to see their Personas in action like when Queen charged into her enemies while riding Johanna. We’d absolutely love it if the show could recreate the same tension and excitement during awakenings.