Reaper is perhaps one of the best flankers in “Overwatch.” His skills are enough to let him infiltrate enemy lines without getting noticed. Heck, he can even take down even the strongest tanks in the game.

However, like any other characters in “Overwatch,” Reaper also has his own counters. D.Va, for instance, can render him useless using her Defense Matrix, while Hanzo can erase him using Scatter Arrows. Nevertheless, the Mist is a scary hero in the battlefield, most especially when used correctly.

Go aggressive

Most players forget that Reaper is an aggressive hero, not just a flanker by nature.

He does not have to be at the sidelines dishing out bullets. Well, this is ridiculous, as his shotguns are considered close-ranged weapons. Instead, this character needs to go right in front of the battle and fend off enemies.

But of course, like any other “Overwatch” characters, Reaper needs to have a good support in order to be alive. This is why it is still importantly to play smartly when being aggressive. Try flanking first, using his teleport. Go after the softest characters of the opposing team, or if the opportunity presents, kill the tanky characters. Remember: Reaper is dubbed “The Tankbuster.”

Don’t Death Blossom with D.Va still in mech

Death Blossom is one of the most versatile and interesting skills in “Overwatch.” It allows reaper to set up a flanking route that enables him to deploy the ultimate.

Once successful, he can take down almost the entire opposing team. More importantly, it is almost difficult to eliminate him when he deploys the skill.

However, Death Blossom should not be deployed whenever D.Va is present and that she is still riding her mech. Remember that her Defense Matrix is enough to eat ultimates and render other characters useless.

If Reaper deploys Death Blossom with D.Va’s presence, she can just simply activate the Defense Matrix and her allies will not even be scratched. Therefore, it is best to go after D.Va first and let hero bail out from her mech. Once the opportunity to deploy is there, finish the job with the ultimate.

Aim for close-ranged combat

Again, Reaper is a close-ranged combatant and it is the area where he excels the best in “Overwatch.” If on the advancing team, try to get close with the enemies to acquire a better rate at taking them down. An interesting way to do this is by using his Wraith form to move in and out. Besides, this The Reaping allows him to heal while inflicting damages (though there is a limit).

The key to being a successful Reaper main is the ability to understand his strong suits in “Overwatch.” Do this and those rankings will soar high.