There’s something huge that will transpire this week for all the players of the space indie title No Man’s Sky,” if the latest hint is anything to by. After more than a month of teasing the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) with the players, it looks like game developer Hello Games is ready for the big reveal on July 21.

It’s a beta

The latest development on the speculated release of Update 1.3 for “No Man’s Sky” now suggests a big event that will happen on Friday, July 21 and only a chosen few will be invited to it. Apparently, players were directed to some website and upon signing up, they were given an access to a livestream video informing them about an imminent big event happening this week.

It also seems that there is only a select number of Level 4 Atlas passes to be given to the 10,000 applicants. But first, they all need to fully fill out a questionnaire and accomplish a number of tasks before they qualify.

From the looks of it, it does sound like a closed beta, doesn’t it? But sadly enough, it will likely be limited to a small number of dedicated players who are deemed worthy to join and give their feedback.

Internal memo

Prior to this, a leaked document that appeared to be an internal memo circulated on the net last week. It mentioned about the Update 1.3 for “No Man’s Sky” and that the Project Walking Titan will reach completion in August. The memo bore the initials S. M. at the bottom, which can be easily guessed to be initials for Hello Games founder, Sean Murray.

If this document is proven to be legit, it makes sense that a beta will take place soon in time for its release. It sounds like a nice anniversary gift is on the way for the fans as the PS4 exclusive game celebrates its first birthday next month.

Cryptic tease

For the uninitiated, it all started with cryptic tease back in early June when Hello Games shipped a surprise package to all the head moderators of all the NMS subreddits.

It contained several merchandise goods like t-shirts, posters, and the enigmatic cassette tapes.

By using a spectrogram, the tape revealed the string 706s7274616p that meant "portal." All players of "No Man's Sky" know what portal means in the game - a mysterious feature that can be found in select planets.

It serves a special purpose in the game and that is to teleport players to another world, although reports say that no gamer has unlocked and activated a portal yet in "No Man's Sky."

Watch the livestream video below.