Hello Games has so far been quiet when it comes to updates for “No Man’s Sky” which is expected to get another update soon. Patches and more content are anticipated through the handful remaining gamers are clueless on what to expect.

So far, most have been trying to make do with the two past updates – Foundation and Pathfinder patches to “No Man’s Sky.” A third one is due next month and some are anxious to find out what. With no help from Hello Games, a mysterious site may have the answer to that.

Alternate Reality Game (ARG) may have some clues

There is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) out right now, the Walking Titan site. The kicker here is that visitors will be greeted with a command line where anyone can key in and play around. Some have tried to input words like “Whatis Altas” which returns a short poem on the game’s organization.

For the techies, the best way to see what can be done is typing in the “List Command.” The different commands and files will be shown. Some of the commands can be executed but somehow these seem to be waiting for something, an input before proceeding. Are these all part of the script?

Hello Games has not mentioned anything, same with the alleged site which is now being tied to the once-promising space exploration game.

However, it is the closest thing to “No Man’s Sky” - something which could be related or not. Either way, checking it out may only be appreciated by the ones with advanced knowledge familiar with the command lines and what to key in.

Will ARG be a sign of things to come?

The third patch for the game is expected to come with new fixes, a lot of which are still present in the game as we speak.

Content has improved since it debuted in 2016 and gamers are hoping to see more next month.

The thing here is that there are plenty of stuff to speculate on. The new rides are great but most want more features to make space exploration and travels worth it. Could weapons be on the list? How about more new worlds with unique settings, interactions, and goodies?

The possibilities are simply endless.

Everything is work in progress right now, something that will hopefully impress the remaining few who have toiled to play the game. “No Man’s Sky” leaves a lot to be desired so hopefully, new things are in store for players this August. Seeing how the past two updates went, it may be safe to say that the upcoming update will try to boost the game further and elicit the approval of avid gamers.