As Blizzard gears up for the release of the 25th hero in “Overwatch,” fans are now wondering about the Next heroes that could be introduced in the game. While the rocket-punching hero is the most hyped and heavily speculated, little is being said about the 26th hero of the first-person shooter game.

Next hero launch

Based on the game developer’s tradition of launching heroes in the first-person shooter game, fans have come up with a certain pattern. It appears that Blizzard introduces a new hero to the game every four months. It is worth noting that Ana was launched in July of 2016 and was followed by Sombra on November of the same year.

Orisa was introduced in March 2017 and Doomfist in July of the same year. If we based the next character official release on the schedule, the most probable date that fans will meet the next hero would be in November 2017. Potential teases from the game developer could start as early as October or September.

Next potential heroes

Three names surface for the next stars in the game. Among these are Bria, Ivon, and Hammond. In the “Overwatch” lore, Hammond has already been mentioned and has been teased. The character was also revealed during the release of the Horizon Lunar Colony Map, and there is a possibility that Hammond will be a playable character. Hammond was described as a creature smaller to Winston regarding size.

In the lore, it was revealed that the people running the Lijiang Interstellar were looking for the character. Blizzard could introduce Hammond, or it could also be possible that the game developer would use the character similar to EFI and would introduce a different hero.

Bria and Ivon were allegedly leaked to be the next heroes in the game by one of Blizzard’s employees several months ago.

According to speculations, Bria could be the youngest hero that would be introduced in the game. She is described as a young female with a punk character and utilizes gadgets as her special abilities. On the other hand, Ivon is described as an old man equipped with a tablet. Several speculations claim that it could be the source of his abilities.

His primary weapon is a suppressed pistol.

All these information are mere speculations and have not been confirmed by Blizzard. I will give you more updates about your favorite first-person shooter game, “Overwatch” as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check out the Hero’s Preview recently released by Blizzard, which contains behind-the-scene-footages of Doomfist's development.