'Overwatch' fans have been speculating about a new upcoming hero since last year. Terry Crews added more fuel to the fire when he jokingly told fans that he wants to play Doomfist. The actor even visited the Blizzard campus and met with the team-based shooter’s development team. Crews also shared a mock audition video as he read some scripted lines that are supposedly for the new character. While all signs pointed to his appearance, gamers were surprised when the game featured Orisa as the new character instead. However, it seems that this time around players might finally get what they expected.

Doomfist finally identified

A week ago, several online publications started reporting about the possibility of Doomfist making an appearance soon. Many 'Overwatch' players pointed out that update patch 1.13 for the PTR (Public Test Realm) generated crash logs that mentioned a new Summer Games 2017 event as well as the highly-anticipated character.

Just recently, Blizzard also shared a Twitter post that links to supposed in-game report talking about the notorious bad guy. It appears that the Times of Numbani reported that a maximum security prison was attacked by the Talon organization. The assault was allegedly carried out in order to break out a man named Akande Ogundimu, which is suspected to be the new Doomfist.

More information about the attack claims that Talon might have planted moles within Helix. Radar scans also pointed out that the unidentified craft involved in the prison assault did not carry any passengers on its way in.

Furthermore, surveillance footage from the maximum security compound allegedly shows a familiar dark figure exiting the craft. Medical examination of the casualties during the offensive supposedly matched other incidents involved Reaper.

Numbani airport attack incident

It has been confirmed that Talon’s involvement with the prison assault resulted to the Numbani airport incident three months later.

Efi Oladele, witnessed the carnage as Doomfist reclaimed his weapon from the payload and laid waste to several OR-15 defense robots. This inspired the young inventor to create Orisa to protect the people of Numbani from future threats.

Expected release, lore, and cinematic trailer

The 'Overwatch' team has carefully established the lore that involves Doomfist ever since the first cinematic trailer mentioned him. The latest information reveals that his name Akande is actually Yoruban for "firstborn." Meanwhile, Ogundimu is supposedly just a common Nigerian surname, based on reports.

Sources predict that the new character might be released along with the new seasonal event. Fans already expect Blizzard to tease its users with more clues in the next few weeks. Gamers also believe that a new cinematic trailer will accompany the official reveal.