The recently updated official 'Overwatch' website divulges new story details revolving around Doomfist, a character avid gamers have been clamoring for some time now.

A new hero is emerges

Blizzard Entertainment has neither confirmed nor debunked speculations surrounding Doomfist's appearance in the game; however, if the new lore drop is anything to go by, the game developer might have finally decided to answer the prayers of the hit first-person shooter's huge fan base.

Reports about an occurrence at Security International's classified maximum security installation surfaced three months ago, and now, a rather comprehensive picture of what exactly happened has come into view, according to the post.

Details of what exactly happened as well as news from the installation which is deemed as the residence for incarcerating criminals were hard to come by. However, the recent events that took place in Numbani airport suggest what transpired was an attack by the Talon organization with an explicit and sole goal to free one man: Akande Ogundimu a.k.a. Doomfist.

Apparently, he escaped the prison with the help of a shadowy black figure, which some fans believe is the Reaper. While that's not yet confirmed, the unidentified bushwhacker triumphed over the Helix security agents without breaking much of sweat, leaving more than a dozen dead.

The creator of Orisa, Efi Oladele was first spotted on the Numbani airport before Doomfist's attack, when Ogundimu, earlier identified only as Doomfist, recovered possession of the Doomfist gauntlet, which was originally carried by the Numbani payload.

More details

Although the character has been teased since the first Overwatch cinematic trailer rolled out, this is the first shred of information since then that fans have about Doomfist.

According to Reddit commentators, Akande is Yoruba name which means "firstborn," however, Ogundimu, on the other hand, is a common Nigerian last name.

If Blizzard does not deviate from its pattern of introducing new heroes, fans can expect more teasers to roll out in the next week or two. This will be followed by a cinematic trailer that finally paves the way for the new hero.

Right now, Doomfist seems to have received the go-ahead, particularly because the new PTR crash files had a reference to Doomfist. More concrete details are likely to surface online sooner rather than later. Stay tuned in here for more 'Overwatch' related news and updates!