OverwatchPatch 1.13 on PTR hints at a possible Doomfist making an appearance in the game along with the Summer Games. It appears that there are many interesting surprises the upcoming update has for the popular game. Aside from datamines and hints, another set of details about the highly anticipated arrival of Doomfist surfaced recently.

Latest hints

If the recent claims are to be believed, it seems that fans will finally see the appearance of Doomfist in patch 1.13. The update, hint on the potential arrival of the character together with the Summer Games.

These interesting details are obtained from the crash logs of the update, which is currently on the Public Test Realm. When the game crashes, the error log is updated. Information about the build the player is playing, as well as technical information and system specifications are then available.

Crash logs

One crash log specifically revealed that the title of the upcoming patch 1.13 is “Overwatch- Doomfist/Summer Games.” On Reddit and Battle.net, several users have confirmed this information. There is a Reddit post gathering every case of players crashing and getting this kind of crash log. The same information can be verified by opening the game’s executable with a hex editor.

The latest information sparked the hype about the character once again.

So far, we do not have the information on how the character will be introduced in the game or what will his story be. It is worth noting that, in the previous hints, Blizzard left players with the plot that the character’s gauntlet was stolen from its home in Numbani. It can be recalled that the character was last spotted in the Numbani Airport when it was attacked, where several clues pointed to Doomfist.

During Blizzard’s E3 2017 event, fans were heavily speculating that the character might get a big reveal because Terry Crews was there. However, as it turns out, he promoted “Crackdown 3.” Game Director Jeff Kaplan emphasized in the past that they have a plan for the much-talked-about the game character. However, he said that the community might get disappointed because it will take them a long time to develop it.

Given that his statement was made a couple of months ago, the character’s big reveal is most likely.

Patch 1.13

In our previous article, we shared the many improvements in the game as revealed in the patch notes of update 1.13. Most of these improvements are about loot boxes and their content.