'Pokemon Go' recently introduced a new feature called "Raid battles," however, finding the right gym and time has become elusive, particularly for folks situated in less populated areas. That said, the only way for an augmented reality player to take part in one is to head in the right direction, assuming that he or she at least has a trainer that is level 20 or above.

Similar to Pokemon hunting, gamers are clueless on which direction to go. But, as far as 'Pokemon Go' raid battles are concerned, popular tracking site GymHuntr has made an update recently to guide players to the right location without wasting their time.

How to find the raids near you

The first thing that a 'Pokemon Go' player will need to do is head on over to the official site where they have to key in their location or zip code to find out where the action will go down. Gamers just have to wait for the map to load after it does the necessary scanning.

Once done, color-coded coordinates should pop up, differentiating regions based o the team that currently holds control over an area. Along with that come pink balloons which show the timers, counting down when the raids begin. Balloons clad in orange will also pop up, meaning a raid is currently in progress.

Are you ready to battle?

The aid that GymHuntr provides should be something for people who want to send their Pokemon to battle.

Participating is one thing, though some may want to re-evaluate their pocket monsters especially when they come face-to-face with the Boss Pokemon.

Similar to most games, taking on the big bad pocket monster will give players better chances if they hold a higher trainer level. Niantic does allow gamers to participate in raids at level 20 though there is no promise of a successful conquest tied to that.

Either way, some could care less considering they just want to see what really goes on during 'Pokemon Go' raid battles. Their intent may not necessarily be to rule but more on to provide an assist to their team and see how well they fare with their current status.

Such is a tactic that should be harmless and something that may give 'Pokemon Go' players more reason to aggressively level up and pad the stats of their favorite critters.

So, for the meantime, expect some struggles especially if you are in the borderline level to participate in raids. In short, you'll need to take some hits at first to figure out how to overcome the challenges from these newly featured battles from Niantic.