"Injustice 2" is one of the most famous and successful games of all time. Recently, there have been many reports regarding "Injustice 2" receiving an update. The game developers have lately been speculated to be working on adding new characters to the game. Now, a new report suggests that they have successfully developed and are ready to add one of the most popular "Mortal Kombat" characters – Sub-Zero – to "Injustice 2."

Major update coming soon

According to a report published by GameStop, the upcoming "Injustice 2" gaming series is scheduled to receive a major update where the game developers will be adding one of the most iconic DLC fighters, Sub-Zero, to the series.

Following the update, the gamers will be able to select Sub-Zero as their fighter.

For those who don’t know, Sub Zero’s origins can be traced down to another famous fighting game series called "Mortal Kombat." The character is known to be extremely quick and lethal at the same time and thus ends up being an all-time favorite for all.

The report further goes on to state that one won’t be able to purchase Sub-Zero only. They will instead have to opt for "Fighter Pack 1," "Ultimate Pack," "Ultimate Edition," or probably "Digital Deluxe Edition" all together in order to avail Sub-Zero’s character. The prices for all the four packs obviously differ in range. For instance, the "Fighter Pack 1" for DLC costs $20.

The pack also comes equipped with another major character called Red Hood.

Red Hood was first introduced earlier last month and was accompanied by the launch of Starfire. Those who don’t want to waste money by purchasing entire packages in order to use Sub-Zero are required to do some waiting. Gamers will be able to purchase Sub-Zero by himself after July 18th.

The character will come at a price of $6.

Sub-Zero’s character

There isn’t a lot of difference between Sub-Zero’s character in "Injustice 2" and his character in "Mortal Kombat." The way he moves, his finishing touches, and the way he looks and feels is pretty much similar in both the games. His special power is when he manages to freeze his enemies, thereby allowing himself to take full advantage of their vulnerable state.

A video that reveals key details regarding the upcoming character has already surfaced online. Fans can check it out themselves in order to understand better whether they really need the character. There is more to confirm regarding "Injustice 2."