Doomfist is now available on the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. The good news comes after a developer update headed by no less than the Game Director himself Jeff Kaplan revealed the new hero of the widely popular first shooter game. Among the many reasons for the hero’s hype are his special abilities. Fortunately, all these are now available on the PTR.

Golden weapon

The Successor has been finally revealed in the person of Akande Ogundimu. The latest hero is here to beat the heroes of the game in a new fashion. Interesting the latest game hero has a Golden Doomfist Gauntlet that would cost every player 3000 CP.

In “Overwatch” golden weapons can be purchased for a specific amount using CP. These points can only be earned by participating in the game’s competitive play. Currently, that amount of CP can be earned with SR 4000-5000 or Grandmaster rank in season 5.


Doomfist is classified as an Offense hero with only limited-range abilities. He is a mobile and powerful frontliner. His Hand Cannon has a ranged attack. However, his major ability is his capacity to charge his Rocket Punch. Aside from that, The Successor can slam the ground sending opponents to the air.

The latest first shooter hero has a Meteor Strike ultimate that is very interesting. With this ability, Doomfist can jump out of view in a heavily condensed group and crash down to the earth causing massive destruction.

With his abilities, he could be an advantage to dive compositions.

His other abilities include the main fire Hand Cannon. It is described as a short-range weapon with a spread that automatically reloads. Aside from that, he also has an alt fire, Rocket Punch. It can be used by holding to charge then release to launch forward and knock an enemy.

This increases damage when the enemy hit the wall.

Doomfist also has a Rising Uppercut that knocks enemies into the air. He can also leap forward and smash the ground. This ability is dubbed as Seismic Slam. His Ultimate id the Meteor Strike mentioned above. Players need to press Q to be able to leap up in the air. They can move the targeting circle and press fire to hit the aimed area.

His best defense includes creating a temporary personal shield to deal with the damage.

Update 1.13

Aside from Doomfist, there are other interesting additions that will roll out when the patch 1.13 releases. Among them are the changes in the Loot Boxes and the much-awaited Highlight system. You may check out the video below for Doomfist’s gameplay.