Every sales record in the gaming world has been smashed by the action-adventure video game, Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar Games is expecting more of the same with the game’s highly anticipated sequel, #Grand Theft Auto VI or GTA 6. The video game company already confirmed the development of the next installment, but the game’s release date is not expected until 2020.

The release date of Sony’s PlayStation 5 is also not expected until 2020, but it doesn’t mean that the upcoming sequel will get fine-tuned for the next-gen gaming system. If Grand Theft Auto 5’s launch is to tell game enthusiasts anything about the next installment, the Grand Theft Auto VI will debut on the current console and not on the next-gen gaming system.

GTA 6 on Xbox One X console

Wherein, the video game company can reach out a wider market with the sequel and will allow the company to gather more sales. Perhaps the GTA 6 will be fine-tuned for Microsoft’s Xbox One X console. The sequel will be just like the early days of the current installment best played on the PlayStation 3.

Meanwhile, as the video game series has an amazing performance in the industry for twenty years, the current installment enjoyed a notable level of success in the gaming world. The Grand Theft Auto 5 also grasps one of the spectacular fan bases in the gaming community. Wherein, the game rolls out regular expansions, bonuses, and updates to entice GTA fans.

GTA 6 better than GTA 5

Nonetheless, game enthusiasts around the world are also excited for the Grand Theft Auto 6. Reports, rumors, and speculations of the next installment in the series have mounted up on the Internet for quite some time now. But, the video game company is gearing up the GTA sequel to be even better than the current GTA franchise.

Although Rockstar Games has yet to pitch in the official announcement of the game, Rockstar North has already teased the new setting of GTA 6. Anticipations of the next-gen platforms, as well as VR support, have been making rounds on the internet.

Amid the silence of the video game company over the purported development of the sequel, the thought of a new GTA game coming excites loyal fans.

However, as the company is about to launch the Red Dead Redemption 2 video game, loyal fans are expecting that the studio's next focus would be the GTA 6.

Furthermore, the game sequel is expected to feature a female protagonist. Players will also witness the return of past cities from the previous franchise.