The next big update for the multiplayer online first-person shooter game, “Overwatch,” is now available. The powerful frontline fighter, Doomfist, is now playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

For the past few weeks, the long-awaited Offensive character of “Overwatch” has been available on the PC's Public Test Realm (PTR). Not long after Doomfist’s initial PTR debut, Blizzard Entertainment rolled out a patch to make some changes to the way the character works. The range of Doomfist’s Rocket Punch was cut down, while the hero’s Ultimate acquired a UI indicator.

Nonetheless, as the multiplayer online first-person shooter game has over 30 million players since it was launched, a constant flow of free content, such as the new hero Doomfist, has kept the “Overwatch” game popular. The powerful frontline fighter is the fourth character to come out for the video game, following the hacker Sombra, damage adsorbing Orisa, and healer/sniper Ana.

According to Polygon, the latest “Overwatch” update comes along with a new system that will allow players to easily save and upload gameplay highlights of their matches. The new update will also diminish duplicates in the loot box system, which will give gamers random items as a reward.

Doomfist’s abilities

However, Doomfist’s focal point is melee attacks.

The new hero will be able to dash into battle and can take as much damage as possible before he tries to escape. Doomfist will likely be best when the character is focusing on low-health enemies, such as Zenyatta and Mercy. But, the new hero could have a harder time against other "Overwatch” heroes with good range, such as the rocket-shooting Pharah and the sniper Widowmaker.

Game’s new penalty system

Meanwhile, as reported by PVP Live, Blizzard Entertainment community manager Lylirra made it known that the new system of “Overwatch” will be dealing with verified reports of bad behavior, such as leavers, feeders, and trolls. Players found guilty of such behavior will be given appropriate penalties.

The penalties include being silenced, suspended, or even banned.

Unfortunately, the new system update is not promising for console players, as updated game functions require them to collaborate with secondary parties. Nevertheless, the video game company promises that the issue is actively being worked on. Blizzard Entertainment also has many elements undergoing internal testing.