The PC-based video game that started the closer-to-life simulations will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as part of game developer EA Maxis’ dream of involving other gaming platforms and reaching new gaming communities. And this coming November 17, gamers from the two leading console gaming platforms get the chance to play “The Sims 4”.

Same PC gameplay and content experience

Since the release of “The Sims 4” back in May of 2013, it has sold over five million copies worldwide, even becoming the best-selling PC games in 2014 and 2015.

What made it unique from the first three major titles was the fact that features like “Create-a-Sim” and “Build Mode” were redesigned, allowing more player flexibility in creating their dream world.

In addition, as many Sims players would comment, this fourth installment gives more emotions compared to previous versions. This gives the players bigger roles and responsibilities in building a better family - a family of their dreams.

The Sims 4” senior producer Michael Duke said, “It is a game that gives players the imaginative power to create and control virtual people and play with moments of their lives.” For Sims players, this game gives them the power to create, the chance to mingle with the perfect partner you’ve always dreamed of, get that dream job, build the perfect home, and ultimately, have your own family.

Duke also clarified that this is not the first time “The Sims” will become available on gaming consoles. This Life Simulation Game was released on PlayStation 2 and 3, Xbox and Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube, Gameboy Advance, N-gage, Wii, Nintendo DS, and 3DS. But unlike these consoles, Duke said that this will be the very first time players get the same gameplay and content experience like that of the PC game.

Pre-order Now

Pre-ordering “The Sims 4” is now available for both platforms. What’s more, PS4 gamers get the chance to access the game three days ahead while Xbox players can play this life simulation console game starting November 9 for a limited time before the official unveiling of the game.

Two types of packages are available for pre-order: the Deluxe Party and the Standard Editions.

Both packages give access to “The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff” which features hot tubs while exploring vibrant worlds that gives color to playing your dream life inside this life simulation game.

From the name itself, the Deluxe Party Edition also gives wild party outfits and laser light shows, Flaming Tiki Bars, and fun animal hats and other adventurous things you will really enjoy. The Standard Edition lets you enjoy the power to create things you have dreamt and control the people in a virtual world you created.

The world is as vast as your imagination; customizing your characters’ appearances and personalities, while helping them build their own perfect world. And like a movie director of a fantasy movie, you’ be the creator of your Sims’ relationships, creating career paths among many things.