When we think of online games, character customization immediately comes to mind. Looking somewhat unique among a large group of people is a great incentive to keep playing. To further encourage that, some companies built stores that offered cosmetic items in exchange for real life money. The system has proven more than reliable in the past, slowly becoming one of the pillars upon which the entire industry rests.

As far as "Overwatch" is concerned, Blizzard decided to go with a mix of strategies. The actual game still costs more than 35 dollars.

Considering the Overwatch League's recent birth, that price is unlikely to go down. Players can then use their savings to buy boxes. Once opened, these will yield a series of random rewards.

Plenty of territory left uncharted!

While loot boxes are extremely popular - accounting for a major part of the game's total income - they only offer a limited array of items. Voice lines, highlight intros, spray-tags, poses, and full character skins are all you'll be able to find in there. Your hero's appearance is modifiable, but you're still stuck to predefined guidelines.

There is another extremely popular type of content that nobody at Blizzard thought about: weapon skins. "Overwatch"' already includes some degree of arms customization, but even that is extremely limited.

Golden weapons - the only available option at the moment - are also one of the most expensive items in the store. Unless you've been saving your coins for a long time, acquiring them is going to be a challenge.

'Overwatch' fans believe things may soon change!

An exciting theory is quickly gaining popularity on "Overwatch's" dedicated Reddit page.

Several users, including Redditor good_samaritan, believe the existence of variants of their favorite weapons. While taking a look at Doomfist's preview video, a few unknown skins for both Soldier 76 and Sombra come afloat. The arms appear as exclusive versions that nobody ever had the chance to use before.

Blizzard is yet to officially confirm or deny these speculations.

That kind of behavior shouldn't really come as a surprise, though. Even if something were indeed ready to be deployed with the next patch, the company would never risk announcing it before its due time. Keeping people waiting increases the hype, which in turn translates into higher sales. Seeing how successful the idea was with other games (such as "Counter Striker GO"), the chances of "Overwatch" adopting it remain high. All we can do is wait!