Pokemon Go loyal players are in for a sweet treat as Niantic confirms the addition of legendary Pokemons to the game. Excitement increase as Niantic releases a Live Action trailer that gave players extra hype.

Pokemon Go’s celebrates the first anniversary

Pokemon Go is now celebrating the first year anniversary of its launch. Players have been chasing after Pokemons for the past twelve months. To celebrate the milestone of the game, makers of the iconic game has finally decided to release legendary Pokemons into the Playing Field.

Summer was legendary for Pokemon Go.

After its initial launch, various upgrades and special events were introduced. And to cap its first year, Niantic has finally granted the wish of many Pokemon players with an official announcement of the release of legendary Pokemons into the game.

Of course, Niantic had to make the anticipated launch as dramatic as it could be. The announcement was made together with the release of an exciting live action trailer. Niantic confirmed that the very first legendary raid would happen during the Pokemon Go Fest. The Fest is set to happen on Saturday, July 22 at Chicago.

During the event, Niantic will give players a time limit to defeat one Legendary Pokemon. If the player successfully defeats the legendary, they will then appear in the game field.

The initial game analysis says that if a player participates in a raid and successfully win, they shall then be rewarded by chance to capture the legendary Pokemon. And to make everything fair, once a raid begins, nobody is allowed to leave the gym.

More upgrades for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s live action trailer is not only about the release of the legendary Pokemons.

The preview highlights brand new upgrades that Niantic is adding to the game.

The first upgrade now allows gamers to win badges from playing in Pokemon Go gyms. Also, players can now help another player succeed by being able to throw helpful items into the playing field. Niantic also added battles and raids plaid in teams. Players can now visit designated gyms to join several time events until they reach the gym’s biggest challenge.

The trailer also reveals that legendary Pokemons shall be housed in raid eggs. The final release of legendary Pokemons depends on the turn-out of the Chicago event. If everything unfolds according to Niantic’s plans, players all over the globe can start catching legendary Pokemons this weekend. This is the perfect time for all players to go back to the field and train to catch them all.