Destiny 2’ is perhaps the most highly-anticipated game of the year for some. It is the sequel to the 2014 game which went on to become very popular among multiplayer gamers. However, Bungie, the studio behind both the entries, claimed that they have made the upcoming title even better than its predecessor. Fans have been wondering which aspects of the game have undergone transformation and which of the mechanics remains the same.

Recently, Bungie launched the ‘Destiny 2Beta, where players engaged in the very first mission of the game. This familiarized fans with the gameplay and the various changes that the sequel will likely bring to the final version of ‘Destiny 2’.

However, if you were unable to get access to the beta and missed what the game has to offer, here are some of the things that have changed from the last time.


Although, the overall gameplay remains similar to the last entry, Bungie has tweaked some of the mechanics involved in character development and sub class distinctions. Each class now has a Super Ability of which the player can make use. The sub class abilities in the new game are pretty much the same as that offered in the previous ‘Destiny’. However, some aspects of it have been changed, which can make a lot of difference in terms of player experience.

Aside from this, another change is regarding players in the Crucible. These players will also be limited to just one Super, instead of the two or three supers that was the case in the previous games.

This indicates that Bungie is looking to offer a new experience to players without alienating the existing fans.

Setting and story

The first game was not really renowned for its story as it did not possess an impressive narration. However, this time around, the beta at least indicated that Bungie has worked on improving both the story and the story-telling aspect.

The mixture of some humorous portions mixed with the intense action offered by the game will most likely be to the fans’ liking.

The setting has remained similar to the last game. Most of the gameplay will likely take place in Traveler and the Last City on Earth. However, this time around these locations have been taken over by the Cabal with whom players have to engage in battle.

Weapons and PvP

Bungie has changed the way weapons are equipped, Players will now be able to equip three weapons at a time which include Energy Weapons, Kinetic Weapons, and Power Weapons instead of the first Destiny’s Primary, Special, and Heavy Weapon slots. In the PvP section, ‘Destiny 2’ has added a new mode dubbed Countdown, which is similar to the Call of Duty series’ search and destroy mode.