The roster of “Injustice 2” expands again as the first guest character for the fighting game arrives today. “Mortal Kombat’s “ Sub-Zero is confirmed to grace the second game installment from NetherRealm Studios on July 11. Here are the characters abilities, intro dialogues, gameplay, and other details.

The new playable character

According to The Express, the latest iteration of Sub-Zero in “Injustice 2” has a strong resemblance to his “Mortal Kombat X” version. The only difference is the interesting set of improvements to the fighter’s abilities.

The character will automatically unlock on its release date for those who purchased the deluxe version of the game’s first character pack. Among the notable changes in the character includes releasing numerous ice clones all at once. Interestingly, the ninja can also stab his opponent from behind while hitting his face with a hammer.


There are many abilities recently revealed that the latest character in the game can do. Among these include Hammer Slam, Barrier of Frost, Frozen Aura, Ice Port, and Klone Charge. He also has Ground Freeze and Air Klone Kick. Some of the familiar abilities that resemble a lot of his “Mortal Kombat” days are the Ground Freeze, Ice Port, and Klone Charge.

In the latest fighting game installment, however, his new moves are the Frozen Aura and the Hammer Slam.

The Barrier of Frost is a form of ice shield that surfaces in front of Sub-zero. It deflects the enemies’ attacks as well as rivet projectiles. When the character uses the Meter Burning Barrier of Frost, the opponent will freeze.

The Ice Port is the character’s ability to swiftly teleport and re-appears behind an opponent.

The Hammer Slam is a Meter Burning Air Frost Hammer that sends the enemy into the air. His Frozen Aura shrouds his body with ice so he is able to take more damage and in turn, cause more damage to the enemy that is striking him. Meanwhile, the Air Klone Kick is the fighter’s ability to release lethal Ice Klones against his opponent while suspended in the air.

The Meter Burning Air Klone Kick, on the other hand, can release the Klone to the entire arena.

Intros and shaders

As early as today, several players already indicate that they love the shaders of Sub-Zero. The shaders of the latest playable character in the game are callouts to some of MK’s characters. This includes Cyrax, Reptile, and Scorpion. Scorpion was a downloadable character in the first game installment. Aside from those, the ice spewing character also has dialogue intros. He has a few one-liners about DC vs. MK.

You can check out Sub-Zero’s gameplay in “Injustice 2” along with his shaders and intro dialogue below. The DLC character is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.