The entire “Overwatch” community is contented with the way Blizzard handles the game. The studio is always on schedule when releasing updates, guaranteeing the game’s improvements. However, one of its goals is still far from being reached.

According to Engadget, the “Overwatch” developer is looking to bring more improvements to the game’s penalty system. The latter is meant to go after throwers and leavers. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

More severe penalties in the future

Blizzard is said to double its efforts in improving the punishment system for the hit shooter title.

Currently, the feature offers permabans to players who are proven guilty of misbehavior. Interestingly, the studio wants to further the system’s reach. Players can expect other offenses such as harassers, spams, abuses, and griefs, among others, to be reprimanded. Not only will they be silenced and suspended, but they will also likely to be banned from the game. In fact, as soon as these changes arrive, they will take effect immediately.

Moreover, the studio plans to release yet another wave of improvements in “Overwatch.” These will specifically be applied to the game’s penalty and reporting system. In the next few months or so, the game will immediately start scaling all competitive season bans.

There will also be added notifications to alert players after they get reported. As for anyone who plans to abuse the reporting system, they better think twice. The video game company will be closely monitoring the feature to prevent exploits.

Penalty system coming to game’s console version

This is a huge improvement, as the “Overwatch” console version will finally be getting a penalty system.

Blizzard is already working on a system that will give players a chance to report offensive players. Unfortunately, though, the studio still cannot provide a certain timeline as to when this feature will arrive. Nonetheless, it is an exciting thing to look forward to. Players on both PlayStation and Xbox One have been complaining about misbehaviors of other players.

Unfortunately, they do not have any tool or option that can let them report these offensive players.

Console players have been bugging Blizzard for a reporting or penalty system in “Overwatch.” They have longed for functionality that can lessen the level of toxicity in the game. The studio’s promise to finally deliver the feature is really important to the console players. After all, they also deserve to experience a more improved gameplay experience. For now, they just have to wait and anticipate for the announcement.