Final Fantasy XV released back in 2016 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, and was immediately loved by fans. The series is a well-known one and with the latest game Square Enix has managed to make the open-world setting of the game more attractive than ever before. The story and characters also kept most gamers glued to their screens during the entire game. However, for those who are yearning for more, there is some good news.

Square Enix has announced that it will hold a closed beta for the upcoming Comrades DLC for ‘Final Fantasy XV’ between August 3 and August 8.

However, being a closed beta, not all ‘Final Fantasy XV’ players will be able to take part in the event. There are some specific requirements which are needed to be met in order to qualify for the beta event.

Comrades beta

Players, who own the $25 season pass for the game along with a PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription, will be able to enter the beta and play the upcoming DLC between the stipulated dates. The Comrades DLC will mainly be a co-operative multiplayer mode for the game. In this mode, gamers will be able to create their own avatars through various customizations.

After the avatars are created, gamers can then take part in the quests offered by the game with up to three additional players from around the world.

The full expansion upon release will also feature other additions such as different weapons and sigils, along with new attack patterns. Most importantly, it will add a series of single-player quests, which can be completed by the gamer and his three AI companions, much like the rest of the campaign.

For the beta version, however, much of the content will be locked off.

Players will be able to save up to eight avatars, which can be customized with some elements that will be limited to the beta version only. The test version of Comrades will give players four new weapons with varying attack patterns, different from the ones in Noctis. Finally, it will provide three quests, each with at least three legs, ensuring that beta testers have enough content to satiate their curiosity.

Comrades’ release and availability

Comrades’ was first announced by Square Enix back in October. However, since then the publisher has revealed very little detail regarding the DLC. Some months ago, a screenshot showing the streamlined character creation screen teased the feature, which will be introduced through this DLC. However, the company has yet to reveal a date for the final release of the expansion.