Niantic has finally introduced the first two Legendary Creatures in “Pokemon GO.” These are Articuno and Lugia, both of which arrived during the event at Chicago’s Grant Park. Although their arrival was controversial, fans were still glad to finally experience them.

The special beasts were released by the studio as a form of compensation to “Pokemon GO” players who attended “Pokemon GO Fest.” Some of them were not able to participate in the activities due to connectivity issues. Regardless, the Legendary Pokemon is finally here.

The next Legendary creatures

In their most organic form, these pocket monsters are considered incredibly powerful and ultra rare. For players to defeat and capture them, they will have to work together. Interestingly, Niantic’s very own CEO John Hanke shared some key information about the release of new legendaries. First and foremost, Articuno, which already arrived, will be available until Monday, July 31st only. The same goes for Lugia. For the next Legendary creature, it is none other than Valor’s mascot named Moltres. This beast is expected to arrive come Monday, July 31, but is only available until Monday, August 7th.

Moltres will be followed by Zapdos, Instinct’s mascot in “Pokemon GO.” The Legendary bird is expected to be released come Monday, August 7th.

However, fans will only have until Monday, August 14th. After the said dates, however, Hanke did not provide further details. But since these are not the only Legendary creatures, it is likely for Niantic to release more information in the next few weeks or so. It should be noted that these beasts are only acquirable via special raids.

Players will have to defeat them first before they can obtain them.

Niantic on “Pokemon GO Fest” mess

Hanke also iterated the reasons behind the failure of the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” event. He mentioned about data congestion, which prevented some players from logging into the game. Although he blamed their servers for the mess, he included the cell networks’ incompetency to stabilize data connectivity.

Hanke further explained that the venue itself lacked the infrastructure needed to pacify data congestion. Nonetheless, he assured the community that the tragic experience will no longer happen in future events.

Niantic already announced on their official site that the next “Pokemon GO” real-world event would take place in Yokohama, Japan. They just cannot provide a specific date, though. The studio also revealed that other Europe countries would also be getting this kind of events in the future. Well, this is something to look forward to.