Ubisoft recently revealed that a new update will arrive to “For Honor,” and it is called update 1.09. Although it promises to bring a handful of changes, the most noticeable ones are for Revenge and Orders. The studio even suggested that these tweaks would better the gameplay experience of players.

According to PVP Live, the company is ready to release the update to “For Honor” today. It is set to arrive on PC first, with the console versions getting it a week later. Here is everything about the patch in a nutshell.

Update 1.09 explained

The update will change the amount of Revenge players can gain from 1vX scenarios, while the Orders will be getting quality of life improvements.

Although it really depends on the number of opponents players go up against, Revenge gain will automatically adjust. For instance, in a one-on-one fight, players should gain at a normal rate with a multiplier of 0.2. In one vs. two, the multiplier increases to 0.5; therefore, the more enemies they fight, the more Revenge they can acquire.

Ubisoft also removed the forced input lag that “For Honorplayers have been complaining about. Basically, the game, in one way or another, would opt to delay actions just to synchronize all of the input coming from players. The studio explained that it had something to do with their servers, though they have just announced it is fixed. Players should feel a lot more reactive now with the changes the update will bring.

Other changes made

The developers of “For Honor” also decided to give the Salvage system a rework. Players’ Salvage, once the update is deployed, should no longer be locked to each in-game Faction. This means that they will be getting a single pool of Salvage that they can use on any hero from any of the Factions they choose.

In one way or another, alternate characters will become more appealing and interesting.

Apart from the aforementioned, Ubisoft also made some significant changes on Orders and Contracts in “For Honor.” They were substantially improved so as to streamline the Steel gain process. Instead of players resorting to player multiple modes just to earn in-game currency, the game will create a good number of Orders to help them complete a single match.

They will no longer burden themselves by jumping from Skirmish to Dominion to Duel just to complete every Order there is. But of course, in order to complete tasks, they must at least play one single mode.