Players will just have to wait a few more days before “Destiny 2” beta arrives. However, there is one thing that players need to remember or else they will regret everything.

First and foremost, to access “Destiny 2” beta, players must own at least one beta key or code. However, as reported by Forbes, players must be very careful in the overall process of preloading the game. Otherwise, they will delete their entire Bungie account.

What to remember

Basically, beta codes can be used to preload the beta across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. (This is happening already actually).

But while doing so, players must not be so eager to get everything started that they accidentally delete their accounts. This is something that involves the linking of players’ gamertags and Bungie accounts to the account. The studio revealed previously that the PC version of the sequel will run using the Blizzard launcher. With this, linking the said accounts altogether is possible.

However, the problem tends to surface when “Destiny 2” players try to link their accounts just before they log into their Bungie accounts. If a notification that says the Bungie and Blizzard accounts have already been linked, players must not input their old details using their existing gamertag. Why?

Because doing so will automatically delete the existing Bungie account they already have. This also means goodbye to the ever precious Guardians. Although they will not be literally deleted, players cannot access them using the old profile.

What Bungie has to say about this?

Bad. Yes, that is right. Bungie explained that “if the PSN ID, Xbox Live Gamertag and Blizzard BattleTags” are removed from a certain profile, the profile will immediately be “orphaned.” This is even permanent, and the studio will not provide any access to an account that has just been orphaned.

Believe it or not, plenty of players have already fallen victims to this process. They all went to the official Reddit page of the game to try to notify Bungie, but to their dismay, there was nothing to be done.

The correct way to do this in “Destiny 2” beta is to ensure that players must be logged first in their Bungie account.

Once done, they just need to go to the Settings menu and select “Link Accounts.” Done. If in any way the system will ask to “unlink” the PSN/XBL accounts, players must not select it. The studio is already working on a workaround that should streamline the entire process. For the meantime, it is best to follow the said guide.