#Overwatch” gamers might be in for a treat as Blizzard Entertainment recently teased one of the game’s highly anticipated character, #Doomfist. The award-winning #video game company also unveiled the name of the powerful gauntlet’s new wielder.

Doomfist’s alliance with terrorist organization Talon

The main antagonistic faction of “Overwatch” video game, dubbed as Talon, facilitated the escape of Doomfist, real name Akande Ogundimu. PVP Live noted the alliance of Doomfist with the terrorist organization. Nonetheless, it is yet to be revealed for what will be the new character’s true agenda.

Now that the super-powered antagonist has been hinted by the video game company, it won't be long until players will get constant updates regarding the villain as this has been the penchant of Blizzard Entertainment. Players can also expect Doomfist to be spotted within the public testing realm of “Overwatch,” to check on the character’s glitches, ultimate and skills. Meanwhile, several “Overwatch” fans are expecting that the American actor Terry Crews will lend his voice to Doomfist.

Issues of Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch

On the other hand, Blizzard's team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter game can now be played on the Nintendo Switch. But, “Overwatch” players should not get too excited about the news, as a gamer pointed out the issues with how the online shooter game was made to run on Nintendo’s gaming system.

The said gamer made it known that in order to play the game on Nintendo Switch, a player must use a new app, dubbed as Rainway, which will allow the streaming of Video Games from the desktop computer to other devices with DirectX 11. Also, since the gaming machine only acts as a second monitor, Overwatch players should still have a keyboard and a mouse.

In spite of that, the problem should not come as a surprise for gamers, as game director Jeff Kaplan acknowledged that the video game company was not certain if the “Overwatch” video game could be played on Nintendo’s gaming console. Director Kaplan even hit on Twitter to mention the issue and stated that getting the game on Nintendo’s console is very challenging for the video game company.

The Overwatch game director also said that it’s already challenging for the studio right now to maintain three platforms, and patching these platforms simultaneously, which the director claimed that the company had already achieved.