Team composition is very important, especially in "DOTA 2". Knowing your roles and how to effectively apply them will definitely give you the upper hand during matches. They require a good amount of skill along with the knowledge of proper positioning.

Positions of ‘DOTA 2’

Dota 2” relies heavily on teamwork and positioning throughout the match. With 5 players on each team, everyone has a role to play. These Positions are as follows: 1 (Carry), 2 (Solo Mid), 3 (Offlaner), 4 (Greedy Support) and 5 (Hard Support). The lower the number, the higher priority they have when farming gold and experience.

Positions 1,2,and 3 normally take the 3 lanes of the map and are usually offensive heroes. Positions 4 and 5, on the other hand, lean towards the support role wherein they help their fulfill their objectives faster.

The Greedy Support

There are some types of support heroes that can both help the team and farm for gold. The greedy support, or simply called position 4, mainly assists the three cores while still having farm priority. In line with this, farmed supports can even overtake the offlane (position 3) in terms of farm and importance. Majority of heroes associated with this position can jungle (earning gold and experience via neutral creeps) at level 1, hence not interfering with others for experience.

These characters usually buy items like wards, smoke and dust when 5 cannot afford it.

Notable heroes include Enigma, Sand king, Monkey King, Slardar, Clockwerk, Venomancer, Pugna, Visage, Shadow Shaman, Mirana, and Silencer

Hard Support

The most demanding and poorest position is called the hard support. Arguably the most important, their main role is to help out the team in any way they can.

Throughout the game, they must protect the main core and harass enemy heroes in the safelane as much as they can. Heroes under this category usually don’t require any kind of farming. Similarly, it’s best that they stay out of the experience range so the core levels up faster. To compensate for this, they can finish off enemy creeps from time to time and amass enough gold to purchase primary items like teleport scrolls for the cores, regen items, smoke, wards, and dust.

Notable heroes include Dazzle, Crystal Maiden, Ogre Magi, Lion, Oracle, Lich, Lina, Vengeful Spirit, Shadow Demon, Rubick, Wisp.

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