After a lot of waiting (a year of waiting to be exact), "Pokemon Go" gamers will finally be able to catch Legendaries and fulfill their dream to become a Pokemon Master. The Pokedex will never be complete without the legendaries. So Niantic, for Pokemon Go's first anniversary, held events in Chicago's Grant Park and Chester to signal this new journey.

How will Niantic deploy Legendary Pokemon?

The Pokemon Fest event will be the first stage of the first Legendary Pokemon to be released. A certain number of Pokemon need to be caught before. When enough Pokemon have been caught, Niantic will announce the first ever Legendary available.

The Pokemon will be available at the Grant Park event immediately. Event goers and players around the world will be able to participate.

After the first Legendary is announced, they will be available via Raid Battles. There will also be Legendary Eggs that will appear at Gyms. When players successfully defeat.the Legendary Raid Boss, they will be given a chance to catch the Legendary Pokemon.

Legendaries are exceptional Pokemon in a sense that they are harder to find and they are very powerful. Each Pokemon team represents Legendaries from the first region: Zapdos for Team Instinct, Articuno for Team Mystic, and Moltres for Team Valor. There is a chance that the first Legendary Pokemon to be released in the wild is one of these birds.

Though Legendary Pokemon can be used in Raids and Gym battles, players cannot include Legendaries as gym defenders.

Mew and Mewtwo, two Legendaries from the Kanto region, are also expected to be launched alongside the birds. But because they are not present during the video teaser, they might have a different introduction. It is also possible that they will only be available during special events.

The Pokemon that can beat the birds

If you're a Pokemon player even before the release of "Pokemon GO", you would know that the weakness of flying type Pokemon is Rock-type, Ice-type, or Electric-type moves. Since Articuno is an Ice Type, it nullifies its Ice weakness. This also applies to Zapdos and Moltres. To prepare for the raids, the hope of players is to use Rock-type attacks.

Golem, a rock-type Pokemon, is one of the top picks to be used on Legendary Raid Boss battles. Some players started to power up their Golems with a specific move set like Rock Throw, Stone Edge, or Rock Blast. These moves were among the most powerful move of this type and are lethal to bird types.