Overwatch has a unique cast of characters each with their own skills and abilities. During the battle, heroes can pull off some impressive feats by planning their attacks or working together. Those who successfully score a good number of kills or manage to resurrect a large number of their teammates will be featured in the Play of the Game (POTG) after each match. All the players will get a chance to view the arguably best moment in the game.

While it may be easier for other heroes to get their spot in the limelight, Overwatch hero Ana is on a whole different level when it comes to trying to earn her POTG.

In line with this, fans have been requesting that Blizzard changes their algorithm of the character’s POTG mechanic.

“Overwatch” fans voice their opinion

Redditor okteej has posted a new thread on Reddit expressing the fact that Ana is by far the hardest character to score a POTG with. While the healer has access to a good number of abilities under her belt, she rarely gets a chance in the spotlight unless she either lands a killing blow or her Nano-booster ally scores plenty of kills.

In truth, Ana has one of the higher skill cap heroes in the game as she takes both game sense and mechanical skill to play effectively. With this in mind, the Redditor mentioned that it wasn’t fair that Ana hardly gets any recognition for her efforts when others characters like Mercy can get a POTG by flying in a battlefield and reviving her allies.

Overall, while okteej claims that the Overwatch POTG system doesn’t matter much, he believes that the system should be re-evaluated and calculated so that Ana players will have their fair share of fame.

Possible solutions to the issue

Some players have replied to the Reddit topic with their own solutions. One user claimed that she shut get an ultimate shutdown whenever she sleeps an enemy while they’re using their ultimate ability.

Similarly, other fans also requested that they change the algorithm for other heroes like Sombra as she rarely gets a POTG as the credit from her EMP ability usually goes to her teammates who clean up the area.

It’s certainly a shame that Ana rarely gets a POTG as she has some of the best highlight intros in the game. One good example is when you combine her sleep intro with her New Year or Halloween skin to create a haunting highlight intro. Nonetheless, it’s something of an honor for an Ana player to score their own POTG seeing as how rare it is. Blizzard has yet to respond to these ongoing Overwatch requests.