The free open Beta of the first-person shooter game, “Lawbreakers” on PC starts today. While not yet launched, gamers are wondering how the gaming experience would differ from the widely played “Overwatch.” Here are the details about the game coming straight from the game’s Lead Designer, Dann Nani.

Gaming experience

One of the most popular first-person shooter games known today is “Overwatch.” With the overarching popularity of the game, “Lawbreakers” must deliver something unique and more than what it can offer. According to Dann Nani, in an interview with Segment Next, the game will give players an experience like no other since it is an original title and not a remake.

The Lead Designer added that the gravity gameplay would introduce verticality to shooters to a whole new level. He added that the roles in the game work well with the class-tropes. Moreover, Nani underlined that the game modes give players the feeling of familiarity but will turn out with a different and “nail-biting conclusions.”

He also claimed that all the modes were created to back the roles. The roles were designed to work with low gravity. He added that the game’s gravity mechanics were made to be controlled by the roles. The lead designer pointed out that everything in the game was designed to work together as one unique experience that no other games could offer.

The game will also introduce the characters and their respective background through a VO, and account portrait descriptions.

Moreover, information about the game’s characters can also be learned through a narrative dispersed across the maps.

Open-Beta details

The upcoming game is getting a free open Beta today for PC platform. Players can access it starting 9 AM Pacific Time. The game trial will end on July 5. The free open beta features a Vertigo map set on a scouting outpost in the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

The testers can also access the Uplink mode. This mode tasks players to take possession of the center of the map and give it to the player’s team base. Side points can be earned in this mode as long as the center remains protected.

Apart from those, testers can also try the latest feature of the game dubbed as the new customization.

Testers can get exclusive Beta Participant weapon sticker by simply participating in five Beta matches.

Lawbreakers” is scheduled to release on August 8. It will be available for PC and PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, you can check out the gameplay below courtesy of IGN.