Details about the Clan System of the upcoming game, “Destiny 2” have been revealed recently by its developer Bungie. While the studio has already confirmed that players can move their current clans to the upcoming title, it appears that it will entail a lot of work to successfully do it.

Clan System

In their official blog post, Bungie has stated that players starting July 5, Clan leaders can start deciding whether they would like to transfer their clans’ base of operations to the upcoming game. The leaders can visit and decide whether they want to convert their group to a “Destiny 2” clan.

According to the statement, clan founders will also be given the chance to move their permissions and title to another member who could be leaders of the team for the adventures waiting for the upcoming title.

This means that clan leaders can leave the group and transfer their posts to any members of the clan for a particular period. The period for doing this will only last for one month. After the given period, a new functionality called new clan creation will be available at to back the upcoming game.

Other details

Aside from the housekeeping period, the game developer also shared that clans in the second game installment will get fresh features. In the upcoming game, the clans will serve as guides of the new gaming community that will aid solo players to complete Guided Games feature.

In addition, players will be given the chance to control their list and could even send invites to new members.

During the gameplay reveal of Bungie’s second game installment, it was revealed that a new reward system would be introduced in the clans. Currently, no further details are revealed about this. However, it seems that completing the game’s content will reap the entire clan a reward.

A Guardian who is a part of a clan can receive rewards based on the success of its teammate in the new clan system. Apart from those, the studio will also add customizable banners as well as descriptions. This will aid players scouting for a new team to have an initial preview of the clan’s attitude and culture among others.

The major drawback of this new clan system can be put in context from the game developer’s statement. The studio was quoted as saying that those players affiliated with clans of extensive fighting units will be disbanded on The much-awaited title from Bungie is slated for release in fall of 2017. “Destiny 2” will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.