When the shooter-themed game “Lawbreakers” made its way to the video game industry, many deemed it as a direct copy of “Overwatch.” Players were confident that the game just wanted to ride alongside the success of Blizzard’s title. Of course, the developers were quick to deny such comparison.

According to SegmentNext, the very own lead designer of “LawBreakers” named Dan Nanni has defended the game from all talks about it being a copycat of “Overwatch.” He made his case, suggesting that there are no similarities between the two. Apparently, though, the fans believe that the resemblances are too obvious to deny.

What makes ‘LawBreakers’ different

In an interview with the publication, Nanni explained why their game is way too different compared to what most players in the industry are saying. He iterated that the title is equipped with gravity, which adds verticality to the overall gameplay. It is this particular feature that makes the whole shooter experience unique in some way.

The “LawBreakers” lead designer went to explain that, unlike “Overwatch,” their game has modes that tease players with “something familiar.” It is the kind of element that they intentionally added in order to put a twist, giving players some “nail-biting conclusions.” Judging by his statements, it can be said that this title is far more than what people are saying.

But for that to be put into a perspective, one must first understand what the game is all about.

What this game is really about

In its most organic form, “LawBreakers” belongs to the first-person, multiplayer shooting game genre -- a category where Blizzard’s “Overwatch” is also a part of. It is currently being developed by BossKey Productions and is scheduled for release later on this year.

The game focuses on two elements: flying and verticality. As what Nanni mentioned, these are the very elements that make the game totally different from its kind. It also offers a wide range of characters, with each one of them having three unique abilities (one being the ultimate skill).

Nanni further explained that it is their goal to develop “LawBreakers” in a way that it would not look and/or sound like a remake of another game players played before.

He, in fact, assured the community that once they get to play it, they would right away notice the indifferences. Players would even fall in love with the unique gameplay it offers to the table.

Interestingly, a YouTuber by the name of Driftor has uploaded a video detailing the differences between the game and “Overwatch.” It is embedded below, so check it out!