'Overwatch', the famous team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter game, went through several updates over the past year. Nonetheless, Blizzard Entertainment has recently launched another tweak in the video game, which involves one of the game’s popular support hero, Mercy.

Mercy’s slight change

Players of the online first-person shooter game have noticed a slight change with the most iconic healer Mercy in terms of using the character’s Resurrect ultimate (ult). An 'Overwatch' player even posted a gameplay video that features the so-called "nerf" where the popular hero’s ult was disabled when inside her team's spawning ground.

Other gamer noticed that the Resurrection of Mercy can be fully functional whenever the character is outside the spawning premises. Most 'Overwatch' gamers do not chew it over as a nerf, but this subtle tweak will definitely affect others, especially the 'Overwatch' faithful ones who are very proficient in defending. Meanwhile, several players pointed out that they are having a tough time pulling off the ult of the popular support hero in a couple of maps namely 'Anubis' Point B' as well as the 'Gibraltar'.

Nevertheless, the latest change to Mercy is only happening on the Public Test Region servers. The change being tested at the moment is that a player cannot resurrect players while still within the spawn point.

As this is only a test on the PTR, this could be taken off entirely before the next patch of the video game goes live.

Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

On the other hand, a fan finally made a workaround to have the 'Overwatch' video game playable on the Nintendo’s Switch gaming console. However, gamers do not need to rejoice that much as the 'Overwatch' fan made it possible by using an app called the "Rainway." The Rainway app allows PC players to have the Overwatch game somewhat mirrored into another gaming system provided that runs on DirectX 11.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan, discussed the possibility of having the online first-person shooter game ported to Nintendo Switch but stated that porting the game to the Nintendo Switch console would be quite challenging.

Also, it’s already challenging right now for the video game company to maintain three platforms and launching patch simultaneously, which is something the game company was finally able to achieve. The director further explained that Blizzard Entertainment constantly launches tweaks to the 'Overwatch' game every now and then.