Niantic has gradually captured the interest of “Pokemon GO” players following the release of Raid Battles and newly remodeled gym system. Players now have a whole new reason to play the game apart from catching pocket monsters. Unfortunately, though, bugs and glitches always seem to find their way to the game, affecting the overall gameplay experience.

According to ComicBook, a glitch in “Pokemon GO” is resulting to players’ creatures being stuck in limbo while having the label of a gym defender despite the gym being empty. Obviously, this is not how things should work in the feature.

This comes as a surprise, considering that the system has just undergone a major overhaul.

The glitch explained

There is no explanation yet from Niantic regarding the glitch, but players might have noticed how it all started. Basically, the issue tends to appear whenever they attempt to assign certain pocket monsters to a gym for the purpose of defending it. Subsequently, an error pops up on the screen, suggesting that the attempt to assign the Pokemon failed. Surprisingly, once navigating to the creature’s page to check its status, it appears that it is actually defending. This only means one thing: the beast is of no use.

Some players in “Pokemon GO” also added that the badge page, on the other hand, says that the pocket monster is not available in the gym.

It seems to suggest that the Pokemon is there, but the details say otherwise. This obviously comes as an element of confusion, as players have no idea what to do. They have no clue what to make of the stuck creature, as there is no way of getting it back. This is definitely something that the studio needs to address as soon as possible.

What players are doing as solutions

Some “Pokemon GO” fans are finding their own ways to resolve the odd glitch such as restarting the app itself. They even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it on their mobile devices, a process that is quite rigorous on the part of the players. Others also went to add another Pokemon hoping that it would release the stuck creature, but to their dismay, it never happened.

Apparently, though, not everyone is affected by the glitch, as some players are reportedly able to pull out creatures from the gym accordingly.

Pokemon GO” players have already pinged Niantic for the said glitch, but the studio has yet to respond. Meanwhile, trainers on The Silph Road, a community dedicated solely to the game, are also trying to find ways to resolve the issue.