NetherRealm Studios held a stream today covering the upcoming update to “Injustice 2.” The studio gave fans a quick overview of several changes coming to the second game installment, which included a plethora of characters getting buffed or nerfed.

Nerfed characters

The live stream conducted by NetherRealm Studios earlier today revealed that some characters in the game will be receiving a nerf in the upcoming update. This includes Aquaman whose Trident rush now creates less damage on every hit and block. His meter burned tentacle strike no longer launches opponents.

Moreover, the overall damage of the hero has been reduced.

In the upcoming patch, Black Adam will receive a damage nerf. His Black Magic hit advantage is also reduced. Some of his moves must be meter burned to create openings. Aside from that, Deadshot will also get nerfed with his combo strings becoming more negative on every block. His D1 now surfaces in 7 frames from the previous 6 frames.

Aside from those, Catwoman will also receive several tweaks. This includes decreased effective range on some of her pokes. Her dive, when whiffed becomes more punishable.

Her overall damage has been toned down and her character power when used as a wake-up attack no longer has invincibility.

Buffed fighters

Aside from the characters that will receive nerfs when the “Injustice 2” upcoming patch rolls out, there are others who will get buffs. This includes Swamp Thing whose Vine Grab is now equipped with armor while its character power is active, which happens after he grabs his opponent.

His character power now recovers faster and it now stays after using a move or blocking the attack of the opponent. Swamp Thing also receives increased health.

Meanwhile, Bane gets a defensive and offensive buff increasing his overall damage output. Some of his Normals damage have been toned down. On the other hand, Robin’s hitbox has been adjusted for attacks.

His F3 now has a far and close variety. Players need to hold back in the close version and move forward for the far version. In addition, his Meter Burning Swoop Follow Up is now less likely to miss and its speed has been increased.

Brainiac has had his damage increased and his Character Power when held no longer goes away when it is hit or when it blocks an attack. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy’s anti-air game receives an adjustment buff. I will give you more updates about the changes to the game’s characters when the official patch notes for the update for “Injustice 2” become available.