Breath Of The Wild” has won over the hearts of fans for trying something new with the Zelda series. Here, you’ll take control of Link who must explore the vast world and save Princess Zelda who’s battling against the evil Ganon. Despite being an Open World game, “Breath of the Wild” has minimal bugs and some cool physics fans can play with. If the game alone wasn’t enough to sate your love for adventure, some fans are working on a multiplayer MOD so you can play with a friend.

Two links in ‘Breath of the Wild’?

According to GameSpot, a member of the mod community named Fooni is trying to work on a co-op mod fans can use on the Cemu Wii U emulator version of the game.

The whole project is still in its early stages so don’t expect them to release it anytime soon. However, they have already shown off some of their progress with images featuring two Links in Hyrule.

As of the moment, the mod only works on a single PC with local controls. Moreover, Cemu needs to be open in two clients at once which is very unstable. Redditor user S1ash noted that the modders will have to work on some other features aside from having two stable Links on the screen. Gameplay features like the user interface will have to be modified to accommodate two players.

Moreover, Fooni will also need to fix the inventory system and change how shrines will support more than one Link.

How does it work?

This multiplayer “Breath of the Wild” mod works by teleporting an NPC to the main player and swapping its model to Link. From there, the second player will take control of the newly-skinned hero of Hyrule.

Fooni explained that it will take a long time to finish the mod as it might even take them years to complete. If they ever manage to complete it, this mod will open new possibilities in “Breath of the Wild” which should expand its gameplay features. Imagine horseback riding in the fields of Hyrule with a friend or taking down a dangerous Guardian together.

Then again, there’s also a chance that fans will never be able to play the mod at all. Nintendo is notorious for being pretty strict with how it deals with fan content. They’ve shut down countless projects that were based on their franchises in the past. One example of this is when they pulled the plug on a 2D “Breath of the Wild” fan game which was based on the concept gameplay Nintendo shared at GDC 2017. So far, the company has yet to comment on this mod and it’s still unsure if they will plan to intervene.