South Korean developer Softnyx' turn based artillery multiplayer video game, "Gunbound" is now hitting mobile devices as its own game called "GunboundM." The new mobile game, which will be made available for both Android and iOS, is basically a portable version of the original game that was released in South Korea back in 2005.

The game itself was briefly made available in North America and was called "Gunbound Revolution," but it was unfortunately shut down in 2009.

The return of a classic

Similar to the games in the "Worms" series, "GunboundM" utilizes the same turn-based artillery gameplay with two-dimensional backgrounds and physics elements.

However, the mobile version now sports a visible bullet path to make it easier for players to aim their shots.

The new version also sports a new training mode, which will allow players to test their new armaments against AI-controlled opponents. All other gameplay elements such as destructible terrain, wind currents, and elemental forces remain the same. Players will still need to properly adjust their trajectory to compensate for different environmental conditions.

Gameplay enhancements

The brand new mobile title has been designed to be quite similar to the PC version of the game, but it does sport some unique features that were specifically built for the mobile platform and for mobile gamers.

One of the biggest change with the portable version is that player will now be in control of several tanks, or "mobiles" as they are called within the game. The original game had players control a single mobile as they worked together as a team to take down their opponents.

To further entice players to engage in multiplayer battles regularly, the game's developers have promised a number of unique in-game rewards, which players can acquire through Season competitions.

The game itself currently boasts over 15 unique Battle-mobiles along with over 45 different weapons. More mobiles and weapons will likely be added as well through future updates.


Just like its PC counterpart, "GunboundM" will be available for all interested players at no cost. The game can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS users and on the Google Play Store for Android owners.

Also similar to its PC version counterpart, the mobile game will be fully supported by microtransactions built into the game.

Players can purchase in-game currency with real money, which they can in turn use to purchase exclusive in-game items such as mobiles, weapons, and skins.