Just a couple of days ago, NetherRealm Studios promised that a significant update should arrive for “Injustice 2” in July. During that time, though, the studio did not specify what changes the update should bring. Well, it is no longer in the dark, as it is here already.

According to GameSpot, the new update for “Injustice 2” has gone live and the changes it brought are massive. It brought tons of fixes, balance changes and stability improvements for the fighting game. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Introducing the July update

Players were reporting about some bugs interfering with the game’s gameplay experience.

These issues even ballooned when the DLC for Red Hood arrived. It appeared that the content itself brought some bugs, though mostly affected the new fighter only. To resolve these problems, NetherRealm Studio developed a new update, which was just released recently.

The biggest highlight of the “Injustice 2” patch was a tweak that restricted players to utilizing certain stage-based interactions once per combo only. Moreover, the update brought a huge fix to all characters’ projectile attacks that made them interact correctly with projectile-affective skills and/or moves. This is definitely a huge step towards improving the quality of life in the game.

Changes on the new hero

Red Hood, on the other hand, also received a couple of tweaks via the newly released “Injustice 2” update.

For instance, the damages from the Shrapnel Blast has been reduced significantly, though the damage on the skill’s Meter Burn has been increased. There were also bug fixes on the hero, something that players on console reportedly experienced. More importantly, his overall state has been improved to promote balance.

The update NetherRealm introduced to “Injustice 2” brought the most changes to the new character.

This is simply because he is still new to the game and perhaps the studio wants to ensure his arrival will not affect the overall gameplay experience. The update also made sure that his skills will not be too powerful, something that players complained at the get-go. Overall, the fighter is now at an acceptable state. It should be noted that there are two more characters expected to arrive later on to the game.

These are namely, Starfire and Sub-Zero. The latter, in particular, has already been revealed. He is believed to be one of the many characters that the developers will introduce from the “Mortal Kombat” franchise.