Niantic has given “Pokemon GO” players a new reason to play the game on a whole new level. This is thanks to Raid Battles, a feature that lets trainers team up with other trainers to go up against raid bosses. Now that this system has proven itself to be worthy, it might be an interesting to see a follow-up addition from the studio.

According to Forbes, there is a great potential for “Pokemon GO” to go further with a premade Poke-Team loadouts. The premise is really easy, and the name itself already suggests the benefit it offers. However, this will only happen if the developers allow it.

What does a premade Poke-Team loadout do

The idea of gym battling undoubtedly came from the community, as players wanted to experience an endgame content. The augmented reality game following its release became a stellar hit, with millions of players joining the trend. But during that time, it was all about finding and capturing Pokemon only. With the arrival of raids, it would be interesting to see some premade teams full of certain types of pocket monsters. For instance, a group may choose to premade its team with ice type creatures.

With raids, this feature will definitely work wonders in “Pokemon GO.” A team full of ice type Pokemon would be a sight to see as they battle a fire type raid boss.

Currently, the game somehow has this kind of system, but it does not really achieve the purpose of preloading Poke-Teams. Rather, it auto-fills the kinds of creatures players would want to use, and from there, it is up to them to change the lineup accordingly. Interestingly, a premade team loadout can do more than this.

The benefits it offers

Right now, with the auto-fill system, “Pokemon GO” players still spend a good amount of time fixing their lineups.

Although they have a two-minute window for that, the time needed for the preparation is still not enough. With a premade team loadout, however, players will be able to save time. Their lineups are, well, ready to go as soon as raids happen. They can even anticipate possibilities and adjust accordingly, given that they have preloaded ice type Pokemon to fight a fire type boss.

The list just goes on and on, and it is definitely something that Niantic must consider.

Fortunately, the studio iterated that Raid Battles in “Pokemon GO” is still a work in progress. Meaning, it is expected to receive changes and/or improvements as it progresses. After all, the developers promised a balanced gameplay experience; therefore, they must see to it that such balance is noticeable in-game.