Despite the controversy that plagued “Gta 5” lately, Rockstar Games was not entirely bothered and moved to develop a new update instead. This is actually among those updates that bring tons of bonuses and rewards. Of course, it is grinding time again for players.

According to GameSpot, developer Rockstar Games just revealed the newest update in “GTA 5,” introducing yet another round of exciting stuff. There is even a brand new vehicle for players to acquire along with a new, compelling mode. Here is everything about the new update in a nutshell.

Introducing the newest update from the studio

Apart from in-game bonuses, the new update also brings tons of exciting discounts. For instance, the Maze Bank West is heavily discounted at a 25 percent off, while the Arcadius Business Center sits at a 30 percent discount. Lombank West and Maze Bank Tower also receive discounts at 35 percent and 40 percent offs, respectively. The update also covers the Executive Office Garages and Custom Auto Shop and the Executive Office Garage Renovations, both at 25 percent off. Last but not the least is the Custom Auto Shop Renovations, which received a 25 percent discount. It is also worth noting that players can save at least 40 percent on all furnishings for their criminal empire.

Also, through the new “GTA 5” update, players would be able to try the newest vehicles in the Sport class. But perhaps the most interesting of all is none other than the sleek Grotti Cheetah Classic. The vehicle comes with a beautiful vintage design, perfected with a cutting-edge power. However, it is only available as an exclusive sale at the Legendary Motorsport.

Well, judging by the way the vehicle looks, it certainly is worth the in-game money.

New modes and features

As expected, the latest “GTA 5” update also arrives with a new vehicle mode called Overtime Rumble. This is basically a team-based mode, which is a complete remix of Darts. It allows up to 10 players, all of whom are able to launch the Ruiner 2000.

As long as they are accurate in attempting to land the vehicle from mid-air, they are entitled to tons of GTA$ and RP. The mode, though, will only exist until July 17.

As for this week’s Premium Race in “GTA 5,” it is called the Big Drop. The current Time Trial called Up Chiliad is still playable, though. The new premium race starts today and ends on July 17 and similar to its predecessors, it would give players a chance to double their in-game money and RP.