It's Rockstar's "Gta Online" that is rocking the racing world now as new update reveals the arrival of the Pegassi Torero. A new and powerful racing car that players can use to pimp up their races and battles in "Gta 5." According to Mic, the "80's-centric" sports car can now be acquired and is readily available in-game at the Legendary Motorsport. Not only that, but other updates also include new adversary mode and gun running bonuses for the game.

Why is the Pegassi Torero so important in "GTA Online?" According to Rockstar's update, owning the special car means taking part of history.

A description of the car indicates that it is a sleek, scissor-doored classic with bone splintering performance. What's even more interesting is Rockstar's upcoming update that offers 25% off on Engine Updates that runs until July 31. It's the perfect time to modify the Pegassi Torero based on your specification preferences.

GTA's new adversary mode

Meanwhile, the new adversary mode called Power Mad allows players to team up with each other and control the minigun-toting Juggernaut. In this new mode, players will have to form a team consisting of not less than two members but not more than four. Acquire the Juggernaut power-up and take advantage of its ability to power up your game. The setback?

Make sure to stay alive long enough to fill the power meter again. Failing to do so means losing the in demand power up.

GTA V's money sharing option

In other news, earlier this year, it was reported that Rockstar had disallowed the sharing of money among friends. According to GTGRE, an update was released banning players from sharing their cash.

But the website offered some few tricks on how you can still share without getting banned from the game. For example, you can race a friend with a higher amount of bet; a legitimate but easy way of sharing your money to a friend.

The second one is to employ a friend to work for you. This method was made available since the release of "GTA 5" DLC Finance and Felony.

Convince a friend to be your bodyguard and pay him his salary in order to earn cash. Take note that you can only do this if you already have 1 million dollars and of course, a VIP. These latest updates on the "GTA Online' game has increased the level of interest to fans.

Last year, news online revealed that one of the reasons why Rockstar has not created "GTA 6" is because "GTA Online" also called "GTA 5" is still bringing millions of revenue to the developer. And when it released its first DLC after such a long time, the game instantly became like a brand new series to the franchise.