A secret mission coded within the latest update for Rockstar's highly popular online open world video game, "Grand Theft Auto Online," has just been uncovered. The mission, which was found within the game's "Gunrunning" update, centers around a crashed alien ship. A group of modders discovered the mission, which they then unlocked and played.

Embedded clues

The modding group, who calls themselves Team Guru, found clues within the update's code, which leads them to a UFO crash site located near the Zancudo Military Base. The mission itself may be an unfinished one as Rockstar has not yet made any mention of it.

It may likely be a mission that will be openly released to the public sometime in the future, but as of moment its true purpose and story are still unknown.

Recovery mission

Since the mission looks like it is still unfinished, it doesn't really offer that much in its current state. Players who want to check it out will only be able to come across a massive alien ship that has crashed near a swamp. Several scientists and government operatives lay dead near the ship. There is also a tank and several government vehicles lying around. There is also an alien egg that can be acquired from the wreckage. Once the egg is recovered several aliens will materialize in the surrounding, which players will then have to deal with.

Delivering the egg to a bunker will then finish the mission. There isn't really any context regarding the nature of the crash, why the scientists are dead, or any details regarding the egg.

A bigger story to tell

Rockstar is likely planning to include a big alien-themed mission or event within "Grand Theft Auto Online" somewhere down the road as this isn't actually the first time aliens have appeared in the game.

During the game's single player campaign, there is a sequence that shows Michael gunning down aliens after he gets high on drugs. The newly uncovered secret mission could be part of that plan, but fans will have to wait and see what Rockstar has in store for them.

Meanwhile, "Grand Theft Auto Online" players can take advantage of the game's Independence Day-themed event, which will run today until July 10.

The event includes big discounts on America-themed items, weapons, and vehicles, which includes firework launchers, the USA flag-painted Western Sovereign motorcycle, the Liberator monster truck, and several new outfits. The event also introduces a new Adversary mode called "Dawn Raid," which is basically a 6-on-6 mission involving night and thermal-vision goggles.