Years have gone by and the ever popular simulation game Sims 4 is coming to two consoles this November 17, Electronic Arts confirmed. These two consoles are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This port is simply fantastic because those who prefer to play on these said consoles can play this game, which was originally released on the PC platform.

Those who pre-order the game will gain benefits including an additional content entitled "Perfect Patio Stuff" that includes hot tubs and bonus decorations. In addition, those who pre-order the "Deluxe Party Edition" will gain access to the game three days early from its release date, specifically November 14.

Most importantly, EA Access users can access the game sooner than those pre-order through "Play First Trial" on November 9.

The beauty of Sims

Sims 4 was originally released on the PC. Additionally, the developers and creators behind are Electronic Arts. In addition, the greatest feature of this game allows players to freely create their own characters based on their preferences, personality, and style. First, preferences mean that they can choose and customize their characters, also called Sims, based on their preferred looks. Second, personality means that they can choose a set of personalities that their Sim can have. There are numerous choices such as "Loner," "Socialite," "Ambitious," "Genius," and many more.

Lastly, style refers to the clothes and accessories that players want their characters to wear. There are numerous options to choose from and players can also download a "mod." Mod refers to additional or custom contents created by various creators, but not from Electronic Arts (EA). These provide a more fluid game experience along with additional choices that aren't present on the provided options from Sims 4.

Famous "modders" are TheSimsResource, ModTheSims, LuumiaSims, and much more. However, some process and steps should be done in order for it to work.

Freedom to do anything

When players are done with the character creation, they can proceed to purchase a lot with a limited amount of money. That is why they must think twice before buying a lot.

Next, they start their game with a Sim that they created and can do almost everything. The freedom of expression and creativity is not limited but infinite. Thankfully, some codes can be entered in the game to gain money (called "Simoleons" in the game) instantly by typing some keywords. As EA says, "Play with life." The Sims 4 is already out for PC while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is slated for release on November 17.