In light of the recent controversy involving a popular “Gta 5” modding tool, developer Rockstar Games has released a brand new update for the crime-themed title. It offers a new range of content, along with some interesting features and new vehicles. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

According to Express, the aforementioned “GTA 5” update brought a brand new Adversary mode called Dawn Raids. This is perfect for players who are looking for a way to boost their money-earning capabilities. However, in order to be successful, they need to work alongside other players.

The new Adversary mode

Dawn Raids lets players team up with other players in a goal to track down a certain crate, which contains a “tax-exempt” profit margin. If acquired, it could players with all of their criminal activities and more importantly, acquire a huge profit margin. In addition, the mode allows players to double their in-game currency and experience point gains. But according to Rockstar Games, all of these can be achieved if and only if players learn to work as a team.

The brand new “GTA 5” Adversary mode has submissions on it, and in each of these missions, the use of thermal and night vision is required. Otherwise, players will not be able to locate their opponents and find the crate.

The studio, however, did not iterate if the model will continue to exist permanently. That is because previous Adversary modes brought via updates had the tendency to expire after a week or two.

Expect more contents

Rockstar Games also announced that “GTA 5” fans will be treated to more drip-feeding contents in the next few weeks or so.

These contents are expected to arrive both for Xbox One and PlayStation, though the PC platform remains to be unknown. Along with these DLCs’ arrival are super vehicles and new modes for players to enjoy. In the game today, the latest super vehicle to arrive is called Dewbauchee Vagner. Based on its official description, it is meant to give players one thing only: speed.

For players to acquire this exclusive supercar, they need to go straight to the Legendary Motorsport.

Interestingly, data miners have acquired information from the game files of “GTA 5” suggesting that a total of six new rides will arrive at the game. These rides are a good mix of supercars and luxurious vehicles, all of which are upgraded. Right now, the studio confirmed the addition of four new super vehicles, though their additions remain a mystery. Nevertheless, the studio should be expected to make some announcements in the next few days or so.