In a recent turmoil involving “Gta 5” modding tool OpenIV and Take-Two Interactive, fans were displeased with the company’s decision to shut the software down. In hopes to straighten everything, the community surprisingly created a petition to allow the return of the tool. It acquired a whopping 50,000 signatures, which could be the main reason why the company allowed the tool to resurface.

In addition, “GTA 5” players stormed the game’s main page in Steam and added “Overwhelmingly Negative” reviews. Whether or not Take-Two Interactive admits it, the issue largely affected their business particularly on the sales side of things.

Fortunately, Rockstar Games stepped in and handled the situation like professionals.

OpenIV is back

Yes, the popular tool for modding in “GTA 5” is back, and it is already up and running. It should give the players another shot at developing mods. According to MobiPicker, the video game company helped bridge the gap between the two entities. The studio also announced that they, as a video game developer, understand the value of “fan creativity” in each of the title they develop. They went to say how they would go for the extra miles just to secure the betterment of the game.

However, the studio iterated that restrictions will be put in place to keep things at bay. First and foremost, the developers announced that Take-Two Interactive will no longer pursue any legal action on the developers of the said mod.

Going back to the restrictions, they must be followed by every modder so as to guarantee that no copyright claims and/or violations will be made.

The restrictions implemented

Basically, the rule Rockstar Games implemented is about determining the right from wrong. OpenIV has the freedom to continue offering its services to all interested “GTA 5” players.

However, anything under these services should only be used for single-player mode. They cannot be applied on tools, libraries, and files, among others, that greatly involve the online version of the game. The studio iterated that these restrictions must be kept in mind and followed.

Basically, some “GTA 5” players have found a way to bring OpenIV and its capabilities to “GTA Online.” Take-Two Interactive discovered this and took some necessary actions.

The company pointed out that introducing such system on the online community will have a significant impact on the online version of the game. Now, Rockstar wants to remind modders that this specific rule must be followed. OpenIV has been here for nearly 10 years already, and so far, its arrival in the franchise has been phenomenal.