Niantic previously stated about new features and exciting creatures coming to “Pokemon GO.” Well, so far, the Raid Battles and newly overhauled gym system have arrived. It is now time to anticipate the next possible stuff the studio should introduce.

According to BGR, an interesting addition might occur next week in “Pokemon GO,” just in time for the mobile game’s first anniversary celebration. Interestingly, an email surfaced online, suggesting that another Pokemon variant is coming sometime in August. If this is the case, just what sort of creature is coming next week?

A new Pikachu

On the official Reddit page of the augmented reality game, a user by the name of legoturtle92 shared an interesting discovery. Basically, he is a game designer who plans to join an upcoming computer graphics conference at the end of this month. The event is called SIGGRAPH, and surprisingly, one of the guests is Niantic. Last Tuesday, the user reportedly received an email that details the forthcoming event’s schedule and the activities involved. Apparently, it also mentions the developer’s plan to release a rare Pikachu.

Basically, the studio will host its own pane at SIGGRAPH called the “Evolution of AR in Pokemon GO.” The developers there will discuss everything related to the game -- from its development all the way to its latest features.

Surprisingly, the company also plans to release a new Pikachu variant, which is believed to be a Shiny Pikachu.

What this implies

Perhaps this is just a little gift from Niantic, as they showcase “Pokemon GO” at the event. It could be their way of commemorating the conference in one way or another. Clearly though, the Shiny Pikachu is the third shiny creature to be introduced to the game following Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados.

As expected, this creature will become difficult to find and catch. Unfortunately, this creature does seem to be connected with the forthcoming first anniversary event of the title.

There are rumors, however, that Legendary creatures will soon be unveiled as part of the celebration. They are believed to be the actual raid bosses of level 5 tier in raids, a feature that allows players to work together and defeat extremely difficult pocket monsters.

The only catch, however, is that this remains to be unofficial, as Niantic has never commented on the subject, though they have revealed it a couple of months ago. Nevertheless, since the anniversary event is deemed a massive one, some exciting things are to be expected. Perhaps, the legendary beasts will indeed arrive.