After several months of rumors and speculations, the developer of the augmented reality game "Pokemon GO" Finally confirmed that the most-awaited Legendary Pokemon will soon arrive. Niantic also released its new trailer for the upcoming huge update. The trailer features the legendary birds from the first two generations, namely Moltress, Articuino, Zapdos, Ho-Oh and Lugia.

Two of the well-known Legendary creatures, Mew and Mewtwo, are not seen in the trailer. The legendary dogs Raikou, Suicine and Entei that are found in Pokemon Silver and Gold are also absent.

Niantic also provided some details on how the new feature will play out.

What is a Legendary Pokemon?

Legendary Pokemon are extremely rare creatures in the Pokemon world. Some characters in the series also believed that the said Pokemon does not exist or claim that very few people have seen them. Legendary Pokemon are very hard To Catch, and are stronger than most other Pokemon. Legendaries are extra tough and powerful compared to ordinary creatures. If the new update will allow players to place Legendary monsters as Gym defenders, it would totally overpower its attackers.

How to Catch a Legendary Pokemon?

Obviously, Niantic made some twists to make Legendary creatures difficult to catch. But players should not be worried because once they catch one it will surely be worth it.

Once players are in the wild, they can look for unique legendary Pokemon eggs at gym locations anywhere.

Players can then team up with other trainers or friends to join a Legendary Raid Battle using the new cooperative raid feature. After defeating a Legendary Raid Boss, players will be given the chance to catch a powerful creature of their own.

When will the Legendary Pokemon arrive?

Niantic has not confirmed the exact arrival date of the new creatures. But the studio will be holding a Pokemon GO fest at Grant Park in Chicago on July 22, 2017. The developer said that if players will be able to catch enough Pokemon on the event, Legendary creatures will then start rolling out globally on the next day.

Legendaries cannot be assigned to defend a gym because it would clearly overpower the ordinary Pokemon and it would also be a game-breaking balance issue in Pokemon GO. Because some of the Legendary creatures are not shown in the new trailer, fans are speculating that some of the Legendary monsters would not be available and players should have to wait a little longer for Niantic to release the complete set of Legendaries.