Ubisoft made some interesting announcements a few weeks back, introducing the Duel Tournaments of “For Honor.” It was first released on the public test server of the game as part of the testing phase. Now, the studio has revealed other interesting details involving the said feature.

According to PVP Live, Ubisoft is set to unleash the first cash tournament in “For Honor” called Hero Series. The announcement came after the beta phase reveals of the Duel Tournaments. Here is everything about this competition in a nutshell.

Introducing the Hero Series

The cash tournament is scheduled for deployment tomorrow, July 8 on all platforms in the Europe and United States region. Players here will compete in a weekly 1 vs. 1 duel tournaments in order for them to earn a spot in the Season Finals, which will take place come August 12. The finals will offer a prize pool of $10,000. The registration is already up and running, with definite deadline yet.

For the next four weeks, “For Honor” players will compete with each other in the weekly competitions. They will have to prevail in order to earn points that should qualify them for the tournament’s finals. Ubisoft iterated that players should try to acquire a higher spot, as this will increase their chances at being selected as one of the 16 to compete in the highly anticipated finals in California.

It should be noted that in each platform, 16 players will be selected.

After the cash tournament ends

Once the Hero Series in “For Honor” ends, the competitive play will continue, but only once the Ranked mode officially releases. Ubisoft has no definite date yet, but this feature should arrive via an update. As of this writing, the Ranked mode is only applicable for the Duel Tournaments.

But as soon as the said update arrives, any players can easily access the feature whenever they want and anywhere in the World Map.

For players to earn a rank in “For Honor” Duel Tournaments, they must first undergo a total of 20 placement matches. These ranks are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Interestingly, these ranks are divided into five various tiers.

For instance, players can be placed in Gold, but the range could be anywhere from Gold 1 to Gold 5.

In the next few weeks, players can expect the Ranked mode to be rolled out. They will then be introduced into Brawl and other various 4x4 game modes like Skirmish or Elimination. Apparently, players can have different ranks in each of these modes.