Bungie is on the roll, as the release date for the highly anticipated “Destiny 2” nears. Last time, the studio talked about their methods on resolving content droughts, something that bugged the original game. Now, the developers revealed two more interesting details about the upcoming sequel.

According to PC Gamer, “Destiny 2” will not allow players to change their respective loadouts mid-mission. This is definitely a huge change from the way the feature worked in the first title. Moreover, the follow-up game will offer public event timers, all of which are displayed on the game’s UI.

Locked loadouts explained

In the previous game, players can easily swap between various gears or weapons as long as they are available in their inventories. This can be done using a quick access to the game’s menu. However, in the sequel, Bungie will not allow such flexibility. Players will not be able to change their loadouts, since this feature will be permanently locked during mid-mission. Game director Luke Smith explained that they want players to spend less time in menus, allowing them to carefully select the items they want to bring.

Smith referred to the loadouts in “Destiny 2” as "golf bags" and that players should only take a look at these before starting a certain activity, not during the activity.

This change is not necessarily a bad thing, as it only makes the gameplay experience more objective. After all, it forces players to play wiser, as they cannot change whatever weapons or gears they have at the get-go once they start.

Introducing the Public Event Timers

Smith also explained that they will be bringing a huge change in the main UI of “Destiny 2.” In the original game, public events on every planet took place on an invisible timer.

Players had no way of knowing when a tank or other characters spawn. Players opted to utilize third-party timers just to fill the void, but fortunately, this will not be the case with the sequel. Both event timers and locations will be readily available on the map UI.

The timers, in particular, should make things easier for fans in “Destiny 2.” They can plan their activities strategically, as they decide to whether or not wait for someone to complete bounties and/or missions.

This is perhaps a very compelling change in the sequel, considering how fans have campaigned for such feature to arrive. Bungie promised to release more important details about the second game in the few weeks or so.